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2022 Wedding Trends

The 2022 wedding calendar is approaching fast, and the new year comes with the latest trends. For the past two years, we have been experiencing a new normal in the world, with that comes smaller weddings and more importance on quality over quantity. This mindset can be seen in some recent upcoming trends that we will see in the 2022 weddings.

Eco-Friendly Weddings:

Opt to use reusable products in your wedding. Buy glassware, signage, and florals from other brides or secondhand shops to use for your special day. Doing this will save you some money; buy a mix of different glassware and silverware to create a vintage boho look for your venue.

Create less carbon emission by shopping local to your area, limiting travel by booking a venue where you can spend your whole wedding day in one location. This not only creates less pollution, but it will relieve some stress on your wedding day as well. Your future self will thank you.

Reduce waste by creating virtual invitations. Wedding websites are straightforward to find and incorporate in your wedding(check out this blog about wedding websites). Go big with sending your website through email, text, or social media to create an eco-friendly invitation experience. Each celebration of your bridal journey can have its private invitation on your website, which you can use for your bridal shower, bachelorette, or rehearsal dinner. If a traditional invitation is more of your style, consider using seed paper. This is a compostable/biodegradable paper that will turn into flowers once put into the soil. A trend being used is getting rid of paper confetti and place cards and using leaves instead, which would look stunning for an outdoor reception.

Wedding Themes:

Celestial Midnight

Celestial midnight or astrological-themed weddings are on the rise for this upcoming year. With the increased following of zodiac practices since the 90s, many people are incorporating their love for the stars and moon into their weddings. It is a stunning, moody, and elegant color palette, which creates a mysterious and romantic experience, especially if your venue is outside or incorporates exposed brick somehow. Gold accents, string lights, and star pendants encapsulate the theme perfectly and will be one that all your friends and family will remember.

Green & White Minimalism

A modern and classic look is the minimalistic green and white color palette. This easy on the eyes theme is easy to recreate with little effort, especially if you have an outdoor ceremony and reception. White is a classic wedding color that gives off the meaning of new beginnings and elegance. Pair this color with the trendy shade of sage or forest green to create a modern look that will stay on trend for years to come. Less is more when creating this theme, the use of small groups or linear greenery with white flowers peppered in to add brightness to any table, archway, or bouquet—looking for a romantic feeling on your big day? Incorporate wooden accents, like chairs or signage, and candles to change the mood.

Color Trends:

Bright color palette

Like everything else that we loved in the early 2000s, bright colors are back and better than ever. This time we won't be pairing them with different animal prints. Coral is a hot color that is expected to become the newest summer and beach wedding color and don't be shy to mix it with other brights within the coral color family. The bright colors can translate this trend into a beach, boho, or rustic theme.

Dark color palette

For the colder parts of the year, create the ultimate moody wedding palette. With the dark academia style becoming such a hot trend in fashion, we are not surprised that the darker palette is finding a place in the wedding world. When put together, these colors are so rich and complex that they create a theme that is one of a kind and will be remembered. Gold accents, velvet, and even a black wedding dress can take this theme within your wedding to the next level.

Dried or Bleached Flowers:

Dried and bleached flowers are the new way to add subtle amounts of color and texture to your wedding. These look amazing within boho and rustic wedding themes by adding an earthy tone to any table, chair, or archway. When using bleached or dried flowers, there is no reason to over-decorate, especially if you take inspiration from asymmetrical floral groups; these can provide just enough to stand on their own. Some flower options to consider are Amaranthus, Cardo Palustre, Marcela, and more!

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