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5 Things that Slip Your Mind When Planning

Planning your dream wedding can be stressful and seem never-ending. When the day is approaching and getting all your little details finalized, some things might slip through the cracks. It's okay; we will blame it on the 'bridal brain.' No need to stress about the little things any further! We have gathered our top five items or ideas that you should remember for your wedding day.

1. Get your rings shined

Don't forget to show your rings some extra love on the day they were made to SHINE. They will be photographed all day, so you might as well get them looking their best before their big day.

2. Little details for the 'details' photo

A recent trend that has taken over the wedding photography scene is the 'little details' picture. This is a photo that showcases small pieces from your wedding, and when put together in one image, they should describe the feeling of your entire day. This photo could feature your invitation, you and your husband's shoes, flowers from your bouquet, and small pieces from your decor. These photos look amazing framed within your home with a wedding photo or featured in a bridal scrapbook.

3. Pack snacks

I know it sounds a little childish, but do not forget to eat during the day of your wedding. This day lasts ALL day, and you might not even think you will have time to eat, but I promise you will! Provide food for the downtime when both the parties are getting ready, and if you are going somewhere for photos, I would bring some little snackable things. The men within your group will thank you!

4. Make playlists

Your wedding is one big party to celebrate you and your significant other, so there should never be a dull moment. We suggest having a person create, or you could create playlists for different parts of your celebration. Have them ready when it is time to get ready in the morning, during transportation, and (if it is okay with the photographer) during your photo session. The playlists will keep the energy going and create the best of memories.

5. Pack an emergency kit

You never know what is going to happen on the day of your wedding. Most of the time, everything goes smoothly, but there is always someone who needs a bandaid, nail file, or maybe a tampon. Pack an emergency kit that makes sense to you and what you see necessary. You will thank yourself later, trust us!

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