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Get Bang for your Buck: Bass & Bucks

The love of the outdoors and passion for hunting propelled this small-town family to create one of the best Pro Shops a decade ago. Bass and Bucks is known far and wide within the MidWest for their dedication to their service, products, and goal to provide the best experiences for their customers.

Bass and Bucks is a 10,000 square foot full-service Pro Shop serving North Central Indiana. Located on 182-acres and outfitted for the complete outdoor experience, Bass and Bucks want you to experience the joy of the outdoors.

Bass and Bucks is an excellent place for your outdoorsy family or group to have a fun time for a bridal event. For bridal showers or engagement parties, Bass and Bucks has a historic building on their land named the Star Lodge Community Building found near the front of their property. The building is equipped with tables, chairs, a small kitchen, and near parking.

For bachelor parties, a campsite is available on the property. Primitive and electric power is available, with an RV hookup. Close to the restroom and shower house is a fire pit and chairs that can be used for cooking dinners or s'mores before bed. After spending the night on their property, you can spend a day or half-day shooting on their Gun and Archery Ranges. 3D targets are available to use, as well as a Trap Reservation Range with Clay pigeons.

Enjoy the best outdoor experience at Bass and Bucks during your wedding journey. Stay in the known on all of Bass and Bucks events on their Facebook, and to get more information about pricing and renting facilities go to their Wed Wabash Vendor Page, here, or message us at Wed Wabash today!

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