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How to Change From Miss to Mrs

One of the annoying parts of getting married is changing your name from Miss to Mrs. Nobody warns you about the maze of getting your name changed, and we won't either because we have simplified the process for you. In eight steps, we have created a guide on how to get this process done in the recommended time of 30 days after your wedding.

Step 1: Get certified copies of the Marriage Certificate from a local clerk or county office where you filed your license.

Step 2: Visit Social Security Administration Office to change your name so you can get a new Social Security Card that is under your married name

Step 3: Change your name at the Department of Motor Vehicles after you receive your new Social Security Card to get a new Drivers License

Step 4: Change your name on Bank accounts to keep your identity intact

- Remember to request new checkbooks, debit and credit cards

Step 5: Change the name on your passport. It can take a while to get your passport processed so keep that in mind when you are planning

- If you are planning on going on your honeymoon right after your wedding, use a passport with your maiden name on it, and bring your Marriage License with you just in case

Step 6: Change name and other relevant information at work

- They will make the changes to your W-2, W-4, and deductions if needed

Step 7: Change your name and address (if needed) with United States Postal Service

Step 8: Notify other places you need a name change:


- Loans

- Utilities

- Voter Registration

- Memberships

- Subscriptions

- Doctors

- Vet Documents

- Social Networks

Legally, you will have to wait until your paperwork is filed and processed to start using your new name. The USA recommends most newlyweds get their names changed within 30 days after your wedding, but it is not enforced by law so take your time if needed!

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