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How to Prep Before Your Bridal Appointment

Wedding dress shopping is so important in your bridal journey, and it is such a stressful part. How do you find the perfect, one-of-a-kind gown that will match your theme and make you look the best you have ever looked? Well, I have sat down with one of the best bridal shop owners in Northeast Indiana, Lisa Ellen Downs, from Ellen's Bridal(and founder of Wed Wabash), to give you all some advice. Here is what the expert says you should do to make your wedding dress shopping an even better experience-

  1. Eat a light meal before. Trying on wedding gowns is work out, so make sure you come to your appointment with a full stomach. Lisa Ellen Downs recommends nutritious salad, soup, or anything healthy, which would not result in a bloated tummy.

  2. Wear the correct undergarments. Wedding gowns come in all types of fabrics, and some of those fabrics can be a little thinner than others. So it is recommended to wear nude shades of undergarments to your appointment. Keep in mind, if you are wanting to wear any shapewear on your wedding day, bring those with you as well!

  3. Do not wear tight clothing. Most people do not think about how wearing tight clothing can leave creases and lines on your skin. Most gowns have bra inserts built-in, so if you are comfortable, do not wear a bra to your appointment or wear a comfortable bra that will not dig into your skin!

  4. Create the fantasy. It is recommended to come and complete your wedding fantasy when you find your gown. If you know what you want your hair and makeup to look like at your wedding, create similar looks to see the completed look before you even say yes to the dress! Even better if you bring shoes that will be your wedding shoes or identical to your wedding shoes.

  5. Come in open-minded. You will be surprised how many brides come into their bridal appointments thinking they want a mermaid silhouette, and they actually leave with a ballgown. So, make sure you go with an open mind and heart; you can never predict what might happen!

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