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Indiana Wedding Venues: The Sanctuary of Wabash, IN

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Have you heard the exciting news?! Wabash, IN has a new boutique hotel and small wedding venue called The Sanctuary of Wabash, and it is absolutely stunning! We can’t wait to highlight this local wedding vendor and welcome them to the neighborhood! Read below to learn more about The Sanctuary of Wabash and how you can book this Indiana wedding venue for your wedding day!

In 2017, Ben and Jennifer Bailey purchased the facility and agreed that it would make a beautiful boutique style hotel. They soon realized that there would be plenty of space for smaller events; however, it would take a lot of work and renovations! We had the chance to interview Ben and Jennifer to learn about the process of converting this church into a gorgeous Indiana wedding venue!

This renovation took three years to complete! We took a building that was erected in 1903 and made it into a commercial property. We repurposed everything we could, keeping in mind that we could create a modern property without removing the soul of this remarkable building. The commercial kitchen is a showstopper (see photos below)! The granite countertops and stainless-steel appliances create a beautiful modern backdrop to this traditional interior. We are thrilled the renovation is complete and The Sanctuary is ready to shine!

What are some unique features about your venue?

The stained-glass windows are stunning! Each bedroom has white linens, plush beds, and smart TV’s. The bathrooms have all the modern amenities our guests expect. Truly a unique venue!

Why is your venue good to book for lodging for weddings?

We have 7 bedrooms, 3 full bathrooms, 2 half bathrooms, 2 living rooms, 2 dinning rooms, a dressing closet, and a commercial kitchen. There is plenty of space for 16 overnight guests. This venue allows you to be together while still giving you plenty of privacy.

What should couples know about booking The Sanctuary for their wedding?

We can accommodate an intimate size wedding at The Sanctuary…max capacity of 50. We also have a micro wedding option that accommodates a max capacity of 8. We have several “add-on” options that allow you to customize your special day.

How far in advance do couples need to book?

The sooner the better, that way your desired dates can be reserved for your event and/or overnight accommodations.

Do you offer tours of the venue?

We offer private tours; date and time to be agreed upon prior to tour.

What does a couple need to supply while at your venue? Food, drinks, etc.?

Gusts staying at The Sanctuary can bring in their own food and drinks or they can have The Sanctuary supply their food…this option would be an “add-on.” We supply toiletries and all linens.

If a couple books their wedding ceremony at The Sanctuary, what will your interaction look like with them on the wedding day? What should the couple expect? Is it easier to work with a wedding coordinator?

We will be onsite all day if we are hosting a wedding. We would love to work with a wedding coordinator so we can focus on the facility details…allowing the coordinator to focus on the bride & groom.

What do you wish couples knew about your venue/business?

The Sanctuary is such a versatile property; events and overnight accommodations can be tailored to the needs of guests. The space is modern yet traditional…truly a perfect mix of the old and new.

Are there certain things a couple can do to make the process of working with your venue/business easier? What are some do’s and don’ts?

Couples can contact us anytime. We are here to help make their stay memorable! Our phone number is (260) 225-0055, or you can visit our website, Facebook, or Instagram (posted below).

What are some things couples should consider that are specific to your venue? Is there a certain time of year that is busy? Are there certain colors/themes that work well with your venue?

The overall color palette is gray, black, & white…this allows the stained-glass windows to be front and center.

What is parking like at your venue?

We are currently leasing the Charlie Creek Gardens Parking Lot from the Honeywell Foundation. This lot is located just to the north of The Sanctuary.

What are your rules about catering? Do you have a caterer that the couple is required to use? Are outside caterers allowed to use the kitchen?

The Sanctuary has an “in-house” caterer; however, our guests are welcome to use their caterer of choice.


Wabash is lucky to have such a versatile venue! It is the perfect place to book to host your wedding party or family for the wedding weekend, and it can double as a small ceremony location too! A huge thank you to Ben and Jennifer of The Sanctuary for taking the time to educate our audience on their venue! The Sanctuary is located at 492 N. Wabash St. Wabash, IN 46992. Give them a call at (260) 225-0055 or click on the buttons below to check out their Instagram, Facebook, and website!

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