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Let's Paint at Make It Your Own!

Love to use a brush and paint to create something that will last forever? Make It Your Own Studio is one of our favorite hidden gems in downtown Wabash.

The studio is located in the alleyway in-between Canal and Market Street; once you open the red door and work your way up the stairs, you are taken to a fun and bright environment. Fun creations can be seen anywhere you look- local artwork, painted canvases, pottery bowls, and painted floorboards to set the creative tone. The Make It Your Own staff are experts in all areas and are great assistants when needing some help picking out paint colors or finding a new brush technique.

Make It Your Own Studios has the perfect atmosphere to create special memories with various classes that you can choose from. Canvas painting classes are offered as a Make and Take atmosphere. Prices vary by the canvas size. Guided canvas painting classes are taught by one of Make It Your Own's artists; during the classes, your creative juices will continue to flow, and some wine can also be flowing if you would be interested. Throw some clay on a wheel during a Pottery lesson, or have fun painting pottery with friends. Finally, create a custom board decor piece. During this appointment, you will be able to stain, place your stencil and paint your board to create the perfect art for your home, office, or classroom.

Make It Your Own Studio is a great place to get your creative juices flowing in a fun and free-spirited environment. Learn more about all the great experiences at Make It Your Own Studio here or contact us at Wed Wabash!

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