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Serving Service- Find out how much alcohol you will need for your wedding day!

One of the most significant chunks of planning your wedding will be served for your guests. Apart, you probably have not thought about what and how alcohol will be served. Some venues may include a stocked bar and bartenders, but what about those few that do not include that service? We are here for you!

It might seem annoying that your venue is not providing the bar service for you. But, now you get the freedom to save a little cash and personalize your entire experience to fit what you envision in your special day! Don't even worry about how much alcohol to buy; we have some information that will make this whole process easy.

Before thinking about what alcohol to buy, think about your guests. If you have not made your guest list check out our blog post about narrowing down your guest list! Be honest with yourself, and try to imagine how many drinks each person might get. A younger party will probably have at least two drinks per hour, but older might be less. This number will help calculate how many drinks you will need to serve the night of your wedding.

Here is the equation-

x drink(s) per person per hour X how long your reception is = drinks needed per person.

Then multiply the number of drinks needed per person by the number of guests you will be serving.

If you believe your guests will need 2 drinks per hour, your reception is 4 hours long, and you will have 175 guests. Here is how the equation solved-

2 drinks per person per hour X 4 hours = 8 drinks per person

8 drinks per person X 175 guests = 1,400 drinks should be served at your wedding.

This number might be a little daunting because that is a large number. Just remind yourself you are not serving wine bottles to each person. You are serving glasses of wine or bottles of beer. Well, how many glasses of wine are in a bottle? I have that information for you too!

On average, you can get 5 glasses of wine from a single wine bottle. There are 8 glasses of champagne in a bottle and 18 mixed drinks that you can create with a single liquor bottle. This isn't including those HUGE bottles you can get at Sam's Club or Costco (no sponsor).

Then it is time for you to evaluate your guests one last time. What percentage of wine do you want to buy compared to beer? Or do you only want to do mixed drinks? What is going to be consumed?

If you want to have a full bar service, we recommend correlating the number of bartenders with how many guests you have. For every 50 guests, you will need one bartender; you don't want your guests waiting in long lines when they are supposed to be on the dance floor or eating their dinner. Something fun that you can have with a bar service atmosphere is customized drinks. For example, you can serve your favorite beverage and your future husband's favorite. You can even create a drink to represent someone or something significant from your relationship.

If you want a self-serving situation at your wedding, make sure your alcohol is in single-serve bottles to save on some money. You don't want your uncle Joe to pour half the wine bottle out for your aunt Jill to have her loosen up on the dance floor. Obviously, canned beer is easy to find, but canned wine is becoming more popular, and so is champagne. So they do exist entirely for your wedding day.

Here are some other sources that hold great information on this topic:

- Bevmo Calculator

- Lazy Bride

To help you remember all these tips, we have put all the information on this graphic. Feel free to save it to your phone and use it throughout your wedding planning process.

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